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GOLD for Canterbury at the 2018 South Island Quadrangular event

Quads Gold Winning Team_optOver the weekend of 28-29 July, Timaru Squash Club hosted the 2018 South Island Quadrangular Team’s event. 

During this event Canterbury, Midlands, Otago and Southland compete a total of 16 matches across Juniors (3 female & 3 male), Seniors (3 female & 3 male), Masters (2 female & 2 male).  Each match win gains a point for the team, so each round we have an overall winner, and then the section winners as well.  Once all 3 rounds are completed, the points are added together for the overall winner and the section winners.  As you can imagine, every point counts, games and sets, especially as it may come down to game points in the situation of a draw.

All Canterbury players showed passion and desire over the whole weekend, it is amazing what happens when players pull on those Red & Black shirts!  Well done to the whole team for bringing the Trophy home.  An awesome team effort to win by 2 points ahead of Otago.

Our Junior section came out the victors, noting the performance by the boys to drop only the one match over the weekend.  Brilliant!!!!

The Seniors played with pride and being pipped at the post by one point being runners up to Otago.  Well done to Simon Slade on his mammoth 5 setters on Saturday, and Grace Hymers for taking to the court on Sunday morning and grinding out a win in 5.

Masters section was a hotly contested arena.   After 3 appearances at this even, Liza and Jess came away with their first wins, with Tim & Joe holding the fort dropping the one match.  In the end, the Canterbury Masters were runners up to Southland, after 7 all draw on matches, 6/1 draw on games, and a difference of 15 points.

Overall an awesome effort by a tight knit team, who supported each other and showed great sportsmanship over the whole weekend.

Full Canterbury results:

Round One – Canterbury (12) v Southland (4)

Leonie Marshall (3) v Bellah Crawford (1)

Ella Knutson (3) v Hayley Thurlow (0)

Caitlin Millard (3) v Tayla Muir (0)

Emma Cormack (3) v Anna O’Connor (0)

Grace Hymers (1) DF v Kathryn McLachlin (3)

Kate Fox (3) v Alex Thurlow (0)

Liza Tonkin (0) v Tanya Colyer (3)

Jess Wilson (0) v Kylie Anderson (30

Caelum Betteridge (3) v Lachlan Thwaites (0)

Henry Aitken (3) v Jayden Muir (0)

Matthias Paltridge (3) v Scott Thurlow (0)

Matt Smith (0) v Mitchell Kempton (3)

Simon Slade (3) v Regan McNaught (2)

Charlie Barker (3) v Adrian Mennell (1)

Tim Preston (3) v Shane Hatwell (0)

Joseph Petelo (3) v Carl Johnston (1)

Round Two – Canterbury (8) v Otago (8)

Leonie Marshall (3) v Martha Toghill (0)

Ella Knutson (2) v Bianca Malcolm (3)

Caitlin Millard (1) v Rinaria Hepi (3)

Emma Cormack (2) v Zoey Dykseul (3)

Leonie Marshall (3) v Sam Cross (0)

Kate Fox (3) v Hannah Chisholm (2)

Liza Tonkin (0) v Ange Button (3)

Jess Wilson (3) v Lyndal Askin (1)

Caelum Betteridge (2) v Caleb Madden (3)

Henry Aitken (3) v Nathan Hewson (0)

Matthias Paltridge (3) v Matt Butcher (0)

Matt Smith (1) D/F v Jayden Millard (3)

Simon Slade (2) v Jamie Balbuena (3)

Charlie Barker (3) v Matt Ditchburn (2)

Tim Preston (0) v Dave Gardiner (3)

Joseph Petelo (3) v Jeff Burns (0)

Round Three – Canterbury (13) v Midlands (3)

Leonie Marshall (3) v Lily Rae (0)

Ella Knutson (3) v Tannah Ritoul (0)

Caitlin Millard (3) v Ashlyn Fenwick (0)

Emma Cormack (1) v Katrina Palmer (3)

Grace Hymers (3) v Leanne Spite (2)

Kate Fox (3) v Aleisha Stoddart (0)

Liza Tonkin (3) v Andrea Naylor (2)

Jess Wilson (2) v Jen Moorhouse (3)

Caelum Betteridge (3) v Stephen Garner (0)

Henry Aitken (3) v Connor Bolitha (0)

Matthias Paltridge (3) v Liam Direen (0)

Simon Slade (3) v Patrick Mulvihill (1)

Charlie Barker (3) v Jordan Tiplady (0)

Joseph Petelo (0) v Augustin Mauner (3)

Tim Preston (3) v Steve Leckie (0)

Joseph Petelo (3) v Wayne King (1)

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