1.         In the rules

a)         CONTEST shall mean the total rubbers between two teams.

b)         RUBBER shall mean the best of FIVE games of PAR scoring to 15 (win by 2), between two opposing team members. In Men’s Open division, games will consist of PAR scoring to 11 (win by 2).

2.         Competition Entry

a)         All entries must be received by the advertised closing date.  Late entries may be accepted. If accepted, there will be a late entrance charge of $100 per club. This cost is to cover the administration costs of redoing the draw.

b)         Entries are to be submitted online using iSquash. No other format will be accepted.

c)         All teams must have a team captain named, along with their contact email and a daytime contact number on isquash. Clubs must ensure if there is a change of captain or contact details that these are updated on isquash.

d)         The competition draw will be published online using iSquash. Communications will be sent to club captains and captains to notify them of this. The first named team is deemed the host team.

3.         Players

a)         A team will consist of four playing members plus reserves all of whom must be on the      grading list and must be financial members of a club affiliated to Squash Canterbury. Each member of a team must be registered on their team list to be eligible to play in   that team. In Men’s Open and Women’s division’s, a team will consist of three players.

b)         The grading points of the top four players of a team will be used to determine a team’s ranking and which division a team will be entered into.  In Men’s Open and Women’s division’s, the grading points of the top THREE players will be used to determine the team’s rankings.

c)         A player may be added to the team list only with the approval of their club. This player must be on the grading list and their grading points cannot affect the division of the team they are entering.

d)         Substitutes may come from a team in a LOWER division. In the lowest Men’s and Women’s divisions a substitute may come from a team in the SAME division. All substitutes must be on the grading list prior to the match.

e)         A player may substitute for a team in the same and/or higher division than their own a TOTAL of two times. This is NOT two times per team. On the third occasion, the player must stay in the team they have substituted for. Teams may apply to Squash Canterbury for dispensation from this rule on a case by case basis if required. Such application must be lodged by 2pm on the Friday prior to the match in question.

f)         Further to the rule above, the lowest women’s and men’s divisions may have UNLIMITED use of substitutes from any team in the same division.

g)         Only junior players of 1200 points or less are eligible for the junior competition, all other junior players must play in the senior competition. Juniors may substitute for the senior competition. Substitution rules apply.

h)         Players must have played at least TWICE for the team in round-robin play to be eligible to play for them in semi-finals and finals.

i)          The penalty for breaching any of the above rules will be the default of the rubber of the offending player.

j)          Women must play in the women’s competition first to play in the men’s competition, or both, irrespective of their grading. Players may apply to Squash Canterbury for dispensation from this rule on a case by case basis if required. Dispensations must be submitted by the entry closing date.

4.         Play

a)         All teams must be arranged in strict grading points order, with the player having the highest points playing at number one, etc. It is the responsibility of team captains to check grading points on the day of competition to ensure correct team order. The lowest women’s and men’s division may arrange their players in ANY playing order WITHIN their grading band. Eg, D1 players can play in any order amongst themselves, then D2 players in any order, etc.

b)         The playing order and refereeing order is to be mutually agreed upon by both teams. One player from each team shall act as marker or referee for one other match, with all players expected to referee or mark at least one match of each contest.

c)         A protest for violation of team order may only be lodged by the opposing team. Any protests must be lodged in writing with Squash Canterbury no later than 10pm of the day following the contest. If a protest is successful, the team which played out of grading points order will default the rubber of the players in the team who were not in their correct team position, unless the lower graded player wins.

d)         If a team cannot field a full playing team, the team must default the number four position, with all other players moving up. The whole team will be defaulted if more than ONE of their members does not play. This rule may be disregarded by mutual agreement by both captains PRIOR to the contest beginning.

e)         All team members must assemble 15 minutes before the appointed starting time. Subject to prior agreement with the captain of the opposing team, one member may arrive up to half an hour late.  A team member not ready to play (i.e. changed and ready to go on court) at the starting time or immediately upon conclusion of the preceding rubber may be defaulted at the request of the opposing team. 

f)         The appointed starting time is as shown on the draw. Contests may not be played at a     time or place other than allocated without prior agreement by both team captains, and subject to notification to Squash Canterbury in advance of the contest.

g)         The Women’s divisions and Men’s Open will play on Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm. The Men’s division will play on Monday evenings at 7.00pm. Junior divisions will play at 5.45pm on Monday evenings.

5.         Equipment

a)         It is the host club’s responsibility to supply the balls.  A new ball shall be provided at the   start of each contest.

b)         Ball colour to be used is:

Double dot default ball Men’s Open Division.

Single dot default ball Men’s Div 2 & 3 and Women’s Div. 1 & 2

Blue dot default ball Men’s Div 4 & below and Women’s Div. 3

A change in the ball used may be allowed but must be by agreement between the captains. This may be on a rubber by rubber basis.

c)         Recognised squash attire and squash shoes to Squash New Zealand standards must be worn.

d)         It is compulsory for all juniors (aged under 19) to wear eyewear. A team which contains a junior who does not wear eyewear will lose all points for the contest following an official protest to Squash Canterbury.

6.         Points awarded for each contest

a)         One point for each game won and two extra points for the team that wins the contest.

b)         A default of a player shall automatically give the opposing team three points. If an entire team defaults, the opposing team shall be awarded 14 points.

c)         If a contest is drawn on rubbers the winner will be decided on the number of games won. If the game score is equal, the contest will be decided on the number of points won. If the points score is equal, the rubber shall be tied with 1 point awarded to each team for the draw. In the case of semi-finals and finals, where points are equal, the winner shall be determined by whichever team finished higher on the competition ladder after round-robin play.

d)         All matches will count for grading points.

7.         Referees

a)         All rubbers must be marked and refereed.

b)         Any queries concerning rules and referees, please contact your club refereeing co-ordinator in the first instance, and subsequently Squash Canterbury

c)         All interclub players must have completed the Squash NZ club’s online referee exam every two years. The online course is valid for two seasons’ – the season you sit the exam and the following season. The online course is available at

8.         Defaults

a)         Any team defaulting shall be fined $50.

b)         It is the responsibility of the team defaulting to inform Squash Canterbury within 24 hours of the scheduled fixture, of the reason why their team defaulted.

c)         If a team wishes to appeal their fine for defaulting, it must be lodged in writing with Squash Canterbury no later than 10pm of the day following the contest.

d)         In an exceptional circumstance, teams may apply for an exemption in advance. Exemptions must be lodged in writing with Squash Canterbury 24 hours prior to their scheduled fixture.

9.         Results

a)         It is the host teams’ responsibility to enter the results into iSquash by 10am the day following the contest.

c)         Results cannot be entered if a player is not named on the team list.  Please refer to Rule 3 above.           

10.       Protests / Complaints

a)         Any official protest or complaint arising from incidents during the competition must be in writing and received by Squash Canterbury by 10pm the day following the contest. Complaints must come from the opposition’s team captain ONLY. All decisions will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

11.       Etiquette

a)         Supper: Every effort should be made by players to stay after the game for supper.  It is    the host teams’ responsibility to provide supper or if at a central venue, the first listed         teams’. Some effort should be made as to the quality and nutritional value of the food   provided.

b)         Behaviour: Good sportsmanship should be displayed always. Players do not need to tolerate bad behaviour whether it is from the opposition or their own team. Any instance of inappropriate behaviour should be notified to the club in the first instance. The club should then advise Squash Canterbury of this.

c)         Facilities: Clubs should ensure their facilities are up to an appropriate standard. This includes supplying toilet paper, soap and paper towels. Courts should be cleaned before play begins.

















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